Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gold Refinery Supplies - The Phoenix Smelting and Refining Company.

I compiled these lists at Modesto, CA and Hong Kong, China.
I have included all of the listed items even though there are
repeated items. This may not be all that you will want or need
and I am not saying by any means that it is totally necessary or
that you purchase all or any of it for that matter. It's here to help you 
make important decisions and to jog your mind and spark your
imagination for how you may want build out your operation.
We ran a fairly small operation if you compare it to well
established refineries. It seemed huge to me pouring 
3000 ounces a day but that's pocket change for the big operations.

1 polypropylene beaker 5000ml. with handle  - Click Image and Compare:   

50lb. activated charcoal  - Click Image and Compare:     

1 roasting kiln - Click Image and Compare:
see the bottom of the page for more kiln options.

5 roasting pans 12"x 12" x 2" 16 gauge stainless  - Click Image and Compare:

4 ea. 5 gal. plastic buckets - 
Click Image and Compare: 5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid - Set of 3 - Durable 90 Mil All Purpose Pail - Food Grade - BPA Free Plastic

2 ea. Click and Compare:32 Gallon Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Trash Cans  

1 ea. Oxygen Acetelyne Torch Set That You Can Have Converted to Oxy-Hydrogen With another Oxygen Regulator and 
Click & Compare:

Campbell Hausfeld WT400000AV Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

1 Gold Melting Furnace  - Click Here & Compare: Gold Induction Melting Furnaces for 8KW - 5 lbs.. to 160KW - 500 lbs. Melting Capacity.

1 graphite ingot mold multiple cavity for
1 ounce bars or tael bars in Hong Kong. 
Click Image and Compare:

1 ea. 5 ounce bar mold - Click Image and Compare:
1 ea. 10 oz.  bar mold - Click Image and Compare:
1 ea. Cast Iron 25 oz. Bar Mold  -
Click Image and Compare:

1 ea. Cast Iron 100 oz. Bar Mold - Click Image and Compare:

2 - #6 clay graphite crucibles - 
Click Image and Compare:

#8 clay graphite crucibles 
Click Image and Compare:

2 - pair stainless steel dressing forceps 152 mm  - Click Here: Stainless Steel Dressing Forceps

4 -Plastic Funnels  - Click Image and Compare:

Lab Furnaces - Click Here to Compare: Lab Furnaces

2 - Face Shields 

 Torch and Safety Goggles - Click and Compare:|Safety and Torch Goggles

Plastic and Glass Stir Rods  Click Here:Plastic and Glass Stir Rods 

3M scouring pads - Click Here:

Small Paint Brushes - Click Image Below:

1 - Black Pilot Felt Marker  - Click Image:

Roll Polyethylene Bench Top Mat  - 
Click Here:Roll Polyethylene Bench Top Mat

1 - Shot Tank Stainless Steel - I haven't found one online and so you might want to go to your local welding shop and have one welded out of 1/8" or thicker sheet 316 stainless steel standing about 45" Tall and about 8"X 8" Wide. Doesn't have to be Stainless for granulating to refine but if you're creating casting grain you should build it from stainless to eliminate contamination. 

Magnet for Separating Magnetic Materials From Sweeps and Scrap


1 - Screen Sieve 20 Mesh Stainless and Free Gold Pan:

1 - Slag Mold Cone Shape  - Click: 

1 - vacuum pump
 1 - gal. pump oil:

California Air Tools VP50 1/2 HP Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Vacuum Pump/Motor

1 - Electronic Analytical Top Loading Balances
 :Mettler Analytical Balances 


There are many balances available for less money.
We chose this one for durability and accuracy.
6 Pack. Pyrex® Beakers :

Other Selections: PYREX Graduated Beakers

12 pk. pyrex® beakers 100ml for assays - (I grabbed a Stock Image to click on):

PYREX Griffin Low Form 100mL Beaker Graduated 12pk  

2 - Polypropylene Beakers 2000ml with Handle:
 American Educational Polypropylene 2000mL Measuring Jug with Handle (Bundle of 5)

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